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How Have We Been Investing in Children?

“Enabling nine children in foster care to receive equine therapy.” 

MAGIC has proudly sponsored equine therapy sessions through the wonderful organization Special Equestrians. The first session we witnessed was an inspiring experience for all involved. 

Sessions were tailored to children aged 6-16 in foster care, offering them the unique opportunity to form connections with horses, learn the art of horse care, and even enjoy their first horseback rides. The impact of equine therapy is truly remarkable, as youth, often living in challenging circumstances, discover a world of comfort, companionship, and newfound confidence. 

“Changing the trajectory of a child’s educational experience through educational advocacy.” 

The MAGIC Advocacy Program (MAP) has officially begun! MAP’s mission is to empower children facing educational challenges.

Through MAP,  our first grant has been awarded to Mendez Advocacy, with whom we are partnering to make a real impact, and we couldn’t be prouder to introduce our first recipient, “Danny,” to the program. Danny is a three-year-old girl currently living in foster care with special needs who was not receiving all the essential services she requires to thrive. 

Mendez Advocacy represented Danny in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting and is working tirelessly to ensure she receives the right educational support. This is a critical turning point in Danny’s educational journey, and we are optimistic that this early intervention will change the trajectory of her educational experience.

“Making a meaningful impact in the lives of foster youth.”   

MAGIC continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of foster children, spanning all age groups, thanks to strategic grants directed towards our valued community partners—the RJ Leonard Foundation and the Fiaria Project

RJ Leonard’s unwavering commitment ensures a lifetime of mentorship and support for youth transitioning out of foster care. Your generous donor support has enabled us to provide crucial items, such as a stroller and car seat for a new parent within our community and a laptop to facilitate educational and career pursuits for a fellow advancing through her college coursework.

In collaboration with the Fiaria Project, a recent grant allowed MAGIC to fund a placement kit tailored to the specific needs of a child entering foster care. These comprehensive kits, encompassing clothing, toiletries, and other essential items, are thoughtfully curated to cater to the diverse age ranges of foster children, aiding a smooth and supportive transition into their new environments. 

“Warming students’s hearts one coat at a time.” 

For the third year, MAGIC’s Warm Kids, Warm Hearts program has collected and donated new coats to kids in need.  Over 240 coats were distributed this year – over 700 since the program began!

We have learned through feedback from educators at the school where new, warm coats have been distributed through this program that a new coat not only serves as essential clothing but also symbolizes a child’s self-worth and confidence: A new coat signifies more than just warmth—it inspires children to attend school, continue their education, and engage in outdoor activities even in the harshest weather.

Thank you to Auxilior Capital Partners for your generous donations!

“Helping students prepare for learning.”

Thanks to MAGIC donors, we ensured that 460 students had the tools they needed for a successful start to the school year!  This puts our Klinger Middle School tally at over 1,100 backpacks and school supply kits since we began our program!

For the third year, MAGIC provided backpacks and school supplies kits to students in need through the MAGIC Scholarship Fund. A special thanks to Glenn M. Davis of Benchmark Lending for your continued support of this program!

“Providing hope and connection to adoptive families.”

For the second year, MAGIC awarded a grant to Holt International to fund specially trained counselors for the Journey of Hope Adoptive Family Camp. Twelve adoptees ages 6-13 and their parents participated in a fun-filled four days packed with various activities! 

Parents learned TBRI techniques and strategies while also practicing ways to connect with their children. Each child was paired with a skilled adult buddy who assisted them in regulating their emotions throughout the day while sticking together and having fun! 

Everyone’s favorite activity, though, was spending time with the ranch’s therapy horses. Bunny, Flash, and Ellie taught the parents, children, and volunteers so much about regulation, emotions, connection, and relationships!

One parent who attended said, “This was life-changing.” One 13-year-old adoptee wanted to know why the camp couldn’t be longer and asked to come back next year! 

“Providing a refuge and safe harbor for homeless and low-income children.”

Our camp is a refuge and safe harbor for homeless and low-income children in the midst of uncertainty and trauma,” said Jonathan Snipes.

Summer camp can be a haven for homeless and underprivileged children who face unimaginable adversities. We believe every child deserves a chance to experience happiness, adventure, and new beginnings.

Thanks to kind-hearted donors like you, MAGIC has provided a full eight weeks of summer camp at Snipes Farm & Education Center.

With a MAGIC scholarship, campers can enjoy a summer filled with fun, adventure, and new friendships. Your contribution has truly made a difference! 

“Helping adoptive families thrive and connect through specialized counseling.”

Last month, we responded to an emergency request for funding from Holt International for an adoptive family to continue counseling.  It takes one year of continuous counseling to make a therapeutic and long-term impact. They had received six months of counseling; our grant assured them six additional months of much-needed therapy.

Their story: The father was undergoing cancer treatment and had recently lost his job. The counseling was out-of-network, and they had been paying out-of-pocket for the weekly therapy sessions but could no longer afford it. They were anxious to continue TBRI® training/therapy as their nine-year-old adopted daughter is experiencing high amounts of emotional and behavioral dysregulation. 

“Ensuring kids have no days without enough food to eat.”

For some kids, winter break is an exciting time with lots of days off from school.  For others, it’s a long time away from the free breakfast and lunch programs they rely on during the week.  That’s why we work with our community to provide healthy meals to kids who don’t have enough food at home during the winter break. In December 2022, we delivered over 3,000 healthy MAGIC Meals to children identified as food insecure outside of school through partnerships with Willow Dale Elementary School and Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry.

“Supporting foster youth on their wellness journey.”

As part of our initiatives to support the well-being and adoptive and foster youth, MAGIC has funded wellness kits and yoga classes for two foster youth from The Fiaria Project. Age-appropriate wellness kits include yoga mats, meditation timers, weighted blankets, books, journals, coloring books, and more. 

We are excited to see this program’s impact on foster youth and their families!

“Distributing warm coats to kids for the winter.”

For the second year, MAGIC funded a Warm Kids, Warm Hearts program to ensure local kids would stay warm during the winter. 

Through donations to the MAGIC Scholarship Fund, 240 new coats were provided new coats to kids at the Klinger Middle School and Centennial Farmer’s Market.

“Preparing kids to go back to school with the tools they need.”

For the second year, the MAGIC Scholarship Fund and community partners donated backpacks and school supplies to students at the Klinger Middle School and Centennial Farmer’s Market. Over 400 backpacks filled with much-needed supplies were distributed to prepare kids for the new school year.

Thanks to community partners  Oxford PharmaGenesis and Glenn M. Davis of Benchmark Lending for your generous donations!

“Funding the future with scholarships for foster youth.”

While Pennsylvania has come a long way in helping foster youth with college, the  Fostering Independence Tuition Waiver covers only tuition and fees, and the remaining balance for campus living and meals can be substantial.

In July, we awarded a MAGIC Scholarship to our first foster youth. Our scholarship recipient spent four years in foster care and was recently adopted by her foster parent. She is excited about her future, attending college … and receiving a MAGIC Scholarship!

“Supporting adoptees and adoptive families.”

MAGIC sponsored specialized TBRI practitioners for Holt International’s 2022 Journey of Hope Adoptive Family Camp, a three-day family camp for adoptees and their families.

This unique camp is designed around the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting curriculum. Some children may struggle with behavior regulation, attachment, and social skills even years after adoption. With specialized assistance from TBRI practitioners, along with equine therapy, the camp equips families with tools and strategies they can use to help their children learn self-regulation skills and deepen family attachment.

“Providing summer camp for a child living in homeless transition.”

For the third year, MAGIC provided a camp scholarship for children to attend Snipes Farm and Education Center Day Camp. For a child living in a stressful home situation, the opportunity for summer camp can significantly impact their well-being.

In 2022, MAGIC provided eight weeks of camp to a child living in a Bucks County emergency homeless shelter. 

“Keeping children warm in the cold of winter.”

Through a community partnership between MAGIC Charities’ MAGIC Scholarship Fund and The First National Bank of Newtown, Our Warm Kids, Warm Hearts coat drive collected 280 warm coats for kids!

Coats were distributed to students in need by our friends at Klinger Middle School.

“Providing weekend meals to food-insecure children.”

In May 2021, MAGIC received a letter from a local elementary school reading,

“During these uncertain times, we have found that we have students who go hungry on the weekends. ” 

Beginning in September, the MAGIC Meals program has provided 50 meals per week to elementary school students identified as food insecure.  We delivered every week through June with extra support during school breaks — over 2,100 meals were fed to kids in need!

“Providing school supplies to children in need to prepare them for the coming school year.”

Through a community partnership between MAGIC Charities’ MAGIC Scholarship Fund, the Farmer’s Market team at Klinger Middle School, and Glenn M. Davis of Benchmark Lending, we were able to supply and distribute 250 backpacks and 150 school supply kits to students in need in Bucks County.  


“Bringing fresh food to children.”

Donation toward Building a Sustainable Vertical Garden System.

Through our relationship with Philadelphia-based for purpose group OWE, MAGIC has learned a great deal about the Damabiah Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  OWE has been providing nutritious meals to the children and staff at Damabiah Orphanage since February 2019.  Recently, a partner of OWE’s proposed a way to bring protein and fresh vegetables to the children.  By integrating Tilapia raising with vertical gardens, where each supports the other, they will be able to provide much-needed protein and vegetables to attain food security.  We are thrilled to support this healthy initiative.

“Giving three weeks of summer camp to low-income children.”

For a low-income child, a child living in a stressful home situation, or a food-insecure child, the opportunity for summer camp can have a major impact. Being in a positive environment, having a sense of belonging, eating daily meals, and continuing to learn throughout the summer positively impact a child’s physical and mental well-being.

Summer camp also helps decrease summer learning loss.  Summer learning loss is a significant cause of the learning gap between students from higher and lower-income families.  For Summer 2021, MAGIC chose Farm Camp at Snipes Farm & Education Center in Morrisville, PA.

“Filling in the gaps to fight food insecurity.”

Free meals programs have expanded during the pandemic, but for families relying upon pantries and meal programs, these offerings sometimes fall short.  In the first quarter of 2021, agencies throughout Bucks County requested healthy snacks for children. 

MAGIC, working directly with Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry at Bethanna, supplied 1,050 healthy snacks for 150 children and youth, many schooling from home, to prevent the growing hunger children might have between meals.

“Doubling our efforts to meet growing needs.”

As the winter break approached, our local food pantry, Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry at Bethanna, was serving twice the number of school-aged children as in the previous year – 1,388 children were served by the pantry in November!

We decided to double our MAGIC Meals Program to ensure that families received meals for every child during the holiday break.  With your support, we were able to deliver healthy breakfast and lunch packages, 1,440 meals, to feed children in our community.

“Funding trauma-based support for foster and adoptive families.”

We are thrilled to announce that Holt International is the recipient of a $5000 grant awarded by MAGIC Charities to support post-adoption therapeutic services for adoptive and foster families in Illinois.

These funds will directly benefit families through an endowment for therapy services for uninsured or under-insured families, plus sponsorship for one foster family to attend the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® training series and sponsorship of counselors for the Journey of Hope adoptive family camp.

Learn more about this partnership on our Adoptive Families & Foster Care Page.

“Providing emergency relief to college students.”

Due to the unprecedented needs facing college students during the COVID-19 pandemic, a MAGIC Scholarship Fund endowment of $2500 was granted to support local college students attending Bucks County Community CollegeScholarship funds were approved to aid students with both academic and non-academic barriers that may prevent their ability to complete the semester.  The MAGIC Scholarship Fund provided eleven college students with highly subsidized laptops and other school supplies needed to complete the semester. 

In conjunction with emergency aid funding, MAGIC Meals expanded its scope to include college students facing food insecurity.  MAGIC worked in partnership with the BCCC Foundation to deliver approximately 2,000 pounds of healthy foods to college students.

“Partnering with our community to feed children.”

Through a partnership with the Bucks County Opportunity Council, MAGIC took part in the Philabundance LunchBox program.  In summer 2019, MAGIC delivered 600 boxed lunches from Philabundance to our local pantry, Jesus Focus Ministry at Bethanna, to feed school-aged children!

In December 2019, MAGIC launched its own Meals Program and delivered an additional 1,200 breakfasts and lunches to our local pantry to feed K-12 school children during the days off from school during winter and spring breaks.  This effort was funded through private donations and a generous grant from Giant Foods.  All meals are packaged by volunteers in our MAGIC community.

“Sending a low-income child to one week of summer camp on an organic farm.”

Social workers in Bucks County encouraged MAGIC to consider supporting a camp program.  For a low-income child, a child living in a stressful home situation, or a food insecure child, the opportunity for summer camp can have a major impact. Being in a positive environment, having a sense of belonging, eating daily meals and continuing to learn throughout the summer positively impact a child’s physical and mental well-being.

Children who rely on the school lunch program, a qualifier for financial need at Snipes, also get the added benefit of daily lunch and snacks in these programs.

Snipes Farm and Education Center camp meets several of the 2019 goals set for the child health and well-being initiative: to feed children in need, to increase opportunity for fresh foods and to teach children about nutrition and healthy food choices.

“Supporting our local food pantry.”

In Spring 2019, we held our first food drive. We were thrilled to deliver almost 250 pounds of food to our local pantry.  Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry is a part of Bethanna, a decades-long provider of foster care and family services.  On average, the pantry feeds 600 children per month.

We had received a tour of the pantry and saw some empty shelves, which we were told were full only a couple of weeks earlier.  The Director commented, “As fast as it comes in, it goes back to our community.”  So, when JFM Food Pantry posted a note that shelves were bare, we wanted to help!

“Donating to community programs serving children and families.”

It was a pleasure to learn from and volunteer with an organization feeding children on days off from school.  H.A.T. Packs sends hundreds of meals weekly to children in the Hatboro-Horsham area. MAGIC’s donation to the Spring Break bags filled 165 bags with two “staple” items each.

MAGIC also donated diapers and children’s books to the Community Service Corps event at Conwell Egan Catholic High School – a holiday “shopping” event for low-income families and families living in the local housing shelter.

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