“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

– Nelson Mandela

The MAGIC Charities Foundation: Our Story

MAGIC, “Making a Great Investment in Children,” began as an idea formed by Steve Grosso. In a hotel room after the birth of his daughter, after months of the adoption process, the big day had finally come! A baby girl was born, and a new family formed. Deep in the thought of how life was about to change and reflecting upon the process the birth mother had endured, Steve thought about how children come into this world in different circumstances. Not all children are born into a family with the means to care for even their most beloved little ones.

This idea of MAGIC rose again two years later when Steve visited Russia. A journey to meet his beautiful baby boy. The joy of receiving this blue-eyed bundle paired with a heartbreaking goodbye in the orphanage. As Steve exited, little ones waved goodbye and waited for their someday family. All children deserve a loving family, a home.

Years later, with two little ones of her own, Sharon Grosso worked in classrooms with special needs and saw the challenges children faced making it through a day in the “mainstream” world of education.

Many children also faced difficult circumstances at home. A struggling grandmother raised one student while his father was in prison, another by a stretched, single mom unable to take time off work for a conference to discuss her child’s education.  How can families get the support they need? 

Almost every student qualified for free breakfast and lunch. Buying food was a financial hardship for many families. For those who packed lunch, the meals were often dismal at best.  How can I ensure children’s access to healthy food?

These experiences served as motivation to begin the official steps to form MAGIC, a grassroots endeavor to support children and families.

The mission of the MAGIC Charities Foundation is to advocate for and invest in the well-being of children. It is our vision to create a world that, above all, values our children’s health, education, safety, and family relationships.

Join Us and support this vision to make a difference in children’s lives today!