Adoptive Families and Foster Care

Adoptive Families

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Holt-Sunny Ridge the Illinois and Wisconsin branch of Holt International!

Holt-Sunny Ridge provides services and support to families and children throughout the birth and adoption lifecycle.

Our partnership with Holt Sunny Ridge will focus on providing support for three (3) of their therapeutic services:

TBRI trainingMAGIC Charities will sponsor a foster family to attend a four-part series geared towards parents of children who have experienced early childhood trauma. TBRI® is built on the founding principles of Connecting, Empowering and Correcting.  Find upcoming adoption information meetings at

Therapy: MAGIC Charities has created an endowment to provide therapy services for adoptive and/or foster families or adult adoptees that are uninsured or under-insured. We believe that supporting families throughout their adoption journey is critical to the success of the family as well as the individual adoptee. We want to help people obtain access to these important services, regardless of their financial situation. Learn more about Holt Sunny Ridge Therapy Services here

Journey of Hope Adoptive Family Camp (2021)A 3-day camp designed around the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) parenting curriculum for adoptees and their families. MAGIC Charities will sponsor a family to attend camp and financially assist some of the professional volunteers to offset their cost for attending camp.

Adoption Resources:

Domestic Adoption laws, policies and procedures vary from state to state.  For this reason, the MAGIC Charities Foundation has identified resources by each state to help provide assistance for all families looking for adoption throughout the U.S.  

Foster Care

We have focused our outreach efforts on organizations that provide support and services for foster families. 

In addition, we have synergies with other strategic areas within MAGIC Charities to serve foster youth such as The MAGIC Scholarship Fund that gives special consideration to adoptive and foster care family situations and Advocacy efforts focused on regional, state and federal legislation to identify and implement changes that will benefit children, some of whom are in the foster care system.

The MAGIC Charities Foundation’s Focus

We will continue to narrow and fine tune our scope focusing  on the specific needs of foster and adopted children and their families.

  • Continue to research challenges and unmet needs for adoptive families and children
  • Identify unmet needs of foster children aging out of the foster care system and offer services to fill those gaps.
  • Continue to network with legislators and government officials to promote and support state and federal legislation that is aimed at helping young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.
  • Recent legislation related to foster care children and families include some of the following:

Foster Care Resources

We have focused our outreach efforts on organizations that provide support and services for foster families. 

In Bucks County, Bucks for Kids is an organization that provides various enrichment activities and “extras” needed for education, such as computers and application fees,  for at risk children and children in foster care in Buck County.

Visit Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services Agency if you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Bucks County.

PA KinConnector provides guidance, advice, and support for grandparents raising grandchildren and other relative and non-relative Kinship Caregivers.

The Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association (PSRFA) with support from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has prepared this Resource Parent Manual for Pennsylvania’s families wishing to understand more about becoming involved in Foster Care.