Children’s Health Resources

Healthcare for Children

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide no-cost or low-cost health coverage for eligible children in Pennsylvania. These programs provide health coverage for children so that they can get routine check-ups, immunizations and dental care to keep them healthy.

Even if your child has been turned down in the past or you don’t know if they qualify, you may be able to get health coverage now.

  • Visit to find out more about no-cost or low-cost health and dental coverage programs for children in Pennsylvania.
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): If you have a child under the age of 19 years old that in uninsured, you may qualify for free or low cost health insurance.  In Pennsylvania, no income is too high to apply for coverage.  In Pennsylvania, visit to find out more. 
  • Find eligibility and other information regarding CHIP nationwide here
  • CHIP also covers pregnant women in 19 states.  The March of Dimes has issued a CHIP Coverage for Pregnant Women fact sheet listing states and highlighting services provided to pregnant women.
Lead Testing & Remediation

Every year the promise of thousands of young children in Pennsylvania is diminished due to lead paint poisoning.  PA children are poisoned at a rate 2.3 times higher than children poisoned in Flint, Michigan at the peak of the city’s crisis.  Approximately 9,000 PA children are poisoned every year, yet these are only the children we know about as only 20% of children are tested.

The MAGIC Charities Foundation has joined ChildrenFirstPA in the Lead-Free Promise Project with the goals to:

  • Get lead out of homes
  • Guarantee all children get tested twice for lead at ages one and two
  • Ensure all poisoned children are referred to early intervention services 

Please take a look at the Lead-Free Promise Pennsylvania Toolkit to find out more about home lead testing, health screening and early intervention.  Guidance for families with both public and private insurance.

Other Resources
  • Visit Pennsylvania 211, a community resource connection tool provided by the United Way of Pennsylvania. Health resources include medical expenses, health insurance, dental care, and finding health care. Includes general and emergency care, vaccines, and community clinics.
  • Visit  auntbertha, a social care network that “takes the difficulty out of navigating the system to get help.”  Health resources include dental, vision, health education, medical care and mental health care.  COVID-19 specific resources are also listed at this time.