Children’s Health

The current scope of MAGIC’s initiative to improve children’s health focuses on

  1. Addressing food insecurity and improving health through the availability of fresh foods.
  2. Providing free and low cost healthcare resources for children.

The MAGIC Charities Foundation is currently in partnerships in Bucks County, PA with schools, food pantries, farms and fellow nonprofit organizations to reach the following goals:

  • Distributing fresh food items and healthy meals to to children in need
  • Educating children and families on healthy eating and preparing healthy meals
  • Educating children and families on eating to reduce and reverse specific illness
Our Program: MAGIC Meals
How We are Managing a Gap in Children’s Meals

Have you ever thought about what school-aged children who rely upon free lunch at school eat during school breaks? 

MAGIC Charities, in partnership with our community, has been able to distribute thousands of meals during school breaks to help students fight food insecurity and hunger.

Since 2019 MAGIC has:

  • Distributed over 4,000 of meals and 1,050 snacks to K-12 school children through JFM Food Pantry at Bethanna during school breaks.
  • Delivered over 2,000 pounds of food to students at Bucks County Community College to aid in Covid emergency relief.
This school year (2021-22)
  • MAGIC will provide 2,000 weekend meals to food insecure K-5 students in Bucks County along with our school break program.


We take pride in the fact that MAGIC meals are healthy.  Each MAGIC meal includes a fresh fruit or vegetable and non-GMO and organic food items.  We strive to serve lower sugar and lower sodium options and to deliver the macro and micronutrients growing kids need.

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