The 2020 Census is here – it’s critical that every child is counted.

The MAGIC Charities Foundation is supporting the efforts of Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children and the Keystone Counts Coalition to spread the importance of counting every child.

In Pennsylvania, 25,197 children were unnoticed.

In the last census, there was an undercount of 25,197 kids across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, resulting in a loss of nearly $44 million or $1,746 per child in federal funding for Pennsylvania.

The 2020 Census will determine where schools, roads and hospitals are built and will support critical programs like Medicaid, CHIP, foster care, SNAP, National School Lunch programs, special education and childcare. When we miss young children in the census, it has serious consequences for them, their families, their communities and our nation for a decade – most of their childhood.

Come April 1, 2020, every child, everywhere, should be counted!

Visit to view ways to respond, and find a guide for each option (online, phone and paper survey).

Please click on any of the images below to link to a full size PDF to help spread the word and use in your business or community!

Top 5 Reasons to Count All Kids

Census data funds the future - for 10 years. Its safe and easy! It determines fair political representation in your community.

Grandparents, Kinship Care & Foster Care

Programs that keep kids safe, like health insurance, education, foster care and quality child care, rely on federal funds.

It is safe to Count Kids!

2020 Census data is never shared with other government agencies. Confidentiality is protected by law.

Help for Counting Young Children

If you have children in your home, make sure they are counted in the right place - where they are living on April 1, 2020.